Distance Learning Services will close for the holidays as follows:

Wednesday, Dec. 24 - close at 5pm and remain closed until Monday, Dec. 29, re-opening at 6am.
Wednesday, Dec. 31 - close at 5pm and remain closed until Sunday, Jan. 4, re-opening at 8am and resuming 24x7 operations.


MSU ANGEL will be retired on May 15, 2015.
Please migrate any course content to MSU Desire2Learn (D2L) before May 15, 2015.
Check out the D2L training and support options available.

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*Mobile browsers are not fully supported by ANGEL. Many features such as messaging, drop boxes, discussion forums, quizzes/exams and others will not work correctly. Please use a non-mobile version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

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MSU Privacy Statement

Know your rights and University Policy:

MSU expects that you will respect the rights of faculty and other students as you participate in the educational process. Participating in a ANGEL course means that you may have access to personal information and academic work produced by other students and faculty members, such as discussion board postings, drafts of papers and other work produced in the course. Academic norms and MSU policy require that you must not reveal any information about classmates, course work content, or its authors to anyone outside the course.

Students should be aware that their use of ANGEL materials and communication tools in a particular course may be observed and recorded by the instructor of that course. These observations and records may include a student's access to online library materials linked through the ANGEL course website. Use of these observations and records must conform to the use and release of confidential student records as described in MSU's Guidelines Governing Privacy and Release of Student Records. Students may link to library resources directly, without linking through ANGEL, using the Library website.