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ANGEL support resources for faculty.

Faculty Quick Start Guide

This guide will provide you with easy steps for accessing and personalizing ANGEL, MSU's Learning Management System (LMS).
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Migrate your Course to a New Semester

Copy Course import utility allows course editors to import from any course or group for which they have editing rights. The Copy Course import process occurs on the server eliminating any need to download a course export for upload to the server.
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Activating Your Courses

By default, courses are disabled. Students will be denied access until you activate your course.
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Applying Custom Team Settings

These settings may be used to grant selected students additional time on assessments, as is often required by RCPD waivers, or allow students to access items earlier or later than other students.
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Online Documentation 7.4

These documents provide access to an extensive collection of information describing the many components of ANGEL and how to use them. In most cases we have adapted the vendor's documentation to reflect how we use ANGEL at MSU. You may find some instances where the documents and our installed version of ANGEL don't match. Note that the vendor-created videos will not reflect MSU changes. If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk.
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TurnItIn with ANGEL for Student Writing Assignments

Faculty interested in using TurnItIn for Instruction at MSU should read the information about improving student writing using online feedback, peer-review, and plagiarism detection. It is important to read and abide by MSU's interim guidelines when using these tools. Included are links to online training, documentation, and practical advice.
Turn-It-In Help Page on LearnDAT

How to Opt-In to use Turnitin

Online Support Resources

Additional online resources for faculty.

Importing TOTS file to ANGEL

This tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for importing your grades into ANGEL from an MSU Scoring Office TOTS file. Read more...

ANGEL Demo Course

The purpose of the demo course is to show MSU students, instructors, and faculty what an ANGEL course is like. Using the history of our campus' Historic Beaumont Tower, this course will introduce you to many of the features available in the ANGEL course management system. In addition to general ANGEL system features, we will also feature different types of multimedia and web-based information presentation techniques brought to you by vuDAT.
Visit ANGEL Demo Course here

ANGEL Faculty Help Library

A central repository for simple, step by step help documents which help faculty learn how to use the ANGEL system. Documents are meant to be imported into course.
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ANGEL Student Help Library

A collection of simple, step by step help documents which help students learn how to use the ANGEL system and any other special technology enhancements a course may include. Documents are meant to be imported into courses.
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Support Units on Campus

IT Services Technology Training - MSU IT Services offers a variety of non-credit computing and technology courses and workshops. Courses cover a wide range of topics on computing for the purpose of job training, career development, and/or personal improvement. IT Services offers numerous ANGEL training sessions. These sessions are held in a computer lab to provide hands-on experience working with the ANGEL features.
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Learning Design & Technology (LearnDAT) - The mission of the MSU Learning Design and Technology laboratory (LearnDAT) is to provide professional and innovative technology enhanced teaching and learning solutions for MSU faculty members. Their mission is accomplished through one-on-one consultation, informational seminars and workshops, as well as web-based and print resources.