Adjusting Drop Boxes File Size Limits

By default, ANGEL does not allow students to submit files any larger than 2 MB. Sometimes this size is too small, especially if students are submitting files with images or PowerPoint presentations. This setting can be changed within a course by creating an environmental variable.

iconCaution Caution: Your school may have limitations on the maximum file sizes allowed for submissions. Before changing these settings, it is VERY important to check with your ANGEL administrator to ensure that you do not exceed these limits and that you are adhering to policies already established. Your administrator may also prefer to change the file size allocation globally, rather than have Instructors do so at the Course level.

To adjust the Drop Box file size limit:

1.   From your ANGEL course, click the Manage tab

2.   Click the Environmental Variables hyperlink in the Course Settings section. The Course Environment Variables page loads.


3.   Click Add a Variable. The Course Environment Variables Editor loads.

4.   Enter the Variable Name (for example, DROP BOX_MAX_MB).

5.   Enter the Variable Value (in megabytes for this example).

6.   Click Save.